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Not just an accurate description - that's the actual name of the podcast. Your host, the legendary Josh Wulf talks with entrepreneurs, devs, and dev managers, who share their keys to effectiveness.


Episode 001. Damian Maclennan - "The Gordon Ramsay of Agile"

Damian Maclennan is a Technologist, Agilist, Speaker, Ex Musician, Cyclist, Troublemaker, and Dad. Currently Engineering Manager at Tatts Group, he has been CTO of Octopus Deploy and a Senior Consultant at Readify. Download: The Best Tech Podcast in the World Episode 001 - Damian Maclennan: "The Gordon Ramsay of Agile" As well as giving a brilliant overview of Agile practices for "software development as a team sport", this podcast contains the conversation that launched The JDP…